Shawl update

Alright, despite the hectic Sat morning I had this weekend, I did manage to make it out to the knitting retreat about 10am and stay till about 4pm. Not long enough to get a whole lot of anything accomplished. I did get my shawl off of the stitchmarkers and back on the needles and resembling something good again. That’s all I worked on it. I intend on working on more of it this coming week and weekend.

Saturday I started and finished a Calorimetry. It’s a headband, earwarmer thing. It’s quite nice. My only problem is that it is a bit thin. I have some scrap sweatpants that I’m going to line one side of it with to give it a bit more a warmth. It knit up in a couple hours! So quick. I might make another one for a gift to have on hand. I used my silky merino Malabrigo that I bought last week. It only too about 1/3 of a skein, so about 50ish yards I think. It’s always hard to judge how much I’ve used.

The next project besides the shawl, are my friend C’s socks. I need to get those bad boys done! That’s what I”m taking with me this week on my business trip. I think they will be a great on the plane and in the hotel project. Should get plenty done on those, now that I know they will fit her.

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