Where did this week go?

I swear it was Monday yesterday! This week is a nearly done! The wedding shawl is going alright, though last night at knitting group I had to Tink and entire row because I can’t knit that shawl and talk at the same time. I need an easy project to take with me. Maybe that drop stitch scarf I’ve been working on for months. Still not sure I’d actually wear it though.

This weekend I’m heading out to visit my friend C at her farm in MO. I’m bringing her socks along so I have something to do in the tractor and so she can try them on. I’m nervous that they are too big! Hence why I’ve not really seriously worked on them in a few weeks. I’m hoping I can get them dond by the end of the month so that she can have them for Halloween!

It was good to go to knitting last night. There were lots of faces I hadn’t seen in a while. Many people had a lot of cool projects. There was also alot of yarn being passed around that had been purchased, dyed, spun in the last week or so. So many wonderful colors floating around.

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