Project updates…

Alright since the last post I finally took a picture of my finished socks….

Finished Pair of Socks

Then I did some work on my Adia lace scarf which is turning out better now that I’ve had some pep talking from L. I’ve made it through one repeat of the pattern so far, only about 20 or so to go (just guessing). Here’s what it looks like so far. The pictures are really that great, but who cares!

Lace Adia

You can start to see the pattern a bit in it now. I’m hoping I can get another 10 rows done tonight before I conk out for the evening!

2 thoughts on “Project updates…

    • They dried. One is still slightly longer than the other. I think that’s because my guage was looser on the 2nd sock. Lessons learned. I need to learn to knit continental so that I have better tension.

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