Heel turn. Done. Gussett. Done.

I made it through the heel turn and the gussett last night. The heel turn I had to rip out once. Somehow I miss counted and ended up with a heel that was centered somewhere towards the left side. Not right at all. On the plus side I’m getting better at frogging projects and picking up stitches.

I have 2 little holes on the side of my sock! Last time I only had one….I wonder what I did different this time. I believe there is a way to fix that, but I haven’t found it yet, then again I haven’t looked that hard.

I started on the foot of the sock and that should go quite quickly as it is only 22 rows or so of knitting. Then it will be time for the toe. I think if I work really hard on it I can get the bulk of it done tonight at knitting group. We’ll see.

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