Heel flaps…

Last night I made it to the heel flap portion of my sock. I’ve got a few more rows to knit and purl and then I’ll begin to ‘turn the heel’. Still not sure what that is. I’ll figure it out though.

When I get stuck on the heel part, I’m going to work on my lacey scarf. I’m hoping it turns out well. I’m loving the teal alpaca yarn I purchased for it. Though when it got rolled into a ball something happened. It’s all in a big heap now. Half the ball fell off the top. I’m not sure what to do with it. I guess I’m just going to be keeping it in a bag and untangling as I go.

WF was fun last night. I hung out with a couple of my fave peoples, H and C for starters. L was there too, and I’m loving her Koigu socks she’s working on, the coloring is wonderful! I’ve got to remember to ask her how many skeins of koigu it takes for a pair of socks. Next pair I make will be for Chris and will be made out of R’s hand-dyed wonderfullness. I think I will try 2 at a time magic loop style. I’m fearful I will develop 2nd sock syndrome (SSS) and not be able to make it to the second one. Alot of people suffer from that.

Today is another long one at work. It’s made longer by the terrible migraine I have right now. Though it’s starting to go away a bit. Hopefully the large amounts of Tylenol will keep it at bay till I can get home this afternoon and take a nap.

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