Socks Redux

So I wasn’t happy with how my sock was turning out. I wasn’t happy with it at row 4, but I kept on going till about row 20, then I frogged it. I should have just started over to begin with, but inside some little voice was saying “keep going, it will be alright, that sock will look and be smaller when it’s all done”. Boy was that voice wrong. Besides me knitting the cuff wrong, adding 5 stitches somewhere, and making it the size for a giant, I don’t know how many other mistakes I’d made. I frogged it Sunday afternoon after much internal debating.

I started over, and now have the right cuff, a smaller sock, and things are going well. I’m about 10 rows from where I was Sunday when I ripped it all out, so I’ve made good ground.  The bamboo/nylon yarn I’m using just has a lot more stretch to it than I thought it would have. I even changed the pattern this time around.

I went to Borders last night and picked up a book called “Socks a la Carte.” It’s pretty great. It has tons of different cuff, body, heel and toe designs so that you can make a bunch of different socks! In order to start this new pattern, I did have to frogg about 6 rows last night. It was a long night. I still have alot of knitting to do tonight if I plan on getting to the heel flap by tomorrow.

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