What’s on my needles?

I thought I’d take a page from my friend Cathy and update what is on my needles currently.

  • First sock made of blue verigated bamboo yarn
  • Drop Stitch Scarf made of red/orange ribbon yarn, I think this will be a Christmas present.
  • Starling Handbag

That’s all right now assuming I don’t get a wild hair and start another project. My goal is tonight to get the bag done and hopefully get halfway on that scarf as well. I’m yarn shopping for some soft worsted weight to make a scarf for myself from using a lace pattern I found on Ravelry.

Last night I got a few more rounds done on my socks. It’s looking good so far. That bamboo yarn is a bit more stretchy than I thought it would be so hopefully these will turn out alright. Kathy assures me they will. The first pair is always interesting.  If these go well, I’m going to make myself some chunky warm house socks and maybe a pair for my friend Christina who also appreciates warm wintery socks.

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