Frogged, plan B

So I frogged what I had done on my crochet sock. I’ve decided to go the knitting route. I borrowed a book from a fellow knitter in our group and am going to start on it ASAP. That ASAP depends on me getting a circular needle tonight after work. I’m planning on stoppy by Personal Threads and picking one up. Then I can begin on my new found plan B. I’ve decided to the “Magic Loop” method instead of double points. I saw a Magic Loop in practice last night at our groups meeting, it looks simple and easy.

The crochet bag is nearly done. i’m almost up to where I’d need to start the handles. My goal is to have that done by Wednesday so I have a ‘sock’ bag for my sock project. I’m starting to get excited about these knitted socks. I can’t contain it.

This weekend was full with family being in town so I wasn’t able to work much on anything. Last night at our group meeting I just flipped through the sock books mostly and didn’t get alot done on my bag. I love meeting there. The windows that look outside are so wonderful, though it was stormy and raining last night, so there wasn’t much to look at. I had a lot of fun once again. This will definitely be my weekly routine.

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