So in the course of the last few nights I’ve made a bit more progress on my Starling Bag. I’ve actually got pictures too!

So this is my bad on Sunday night after starting the pattern, and learning how to do the Foundation Single Crochet.

This is last night after I worked on it for a couple hours over the course of the last week. I’ve got about 1/3 of the rows done for the sides. I’m hoping that tonight I can get some more progress made.
Since Wednesday when I borrowed the Yarn Harlot’s books from my new friend at the crochet group, I’ve been spending my time reading her stories instead of working on my projects. I only have like 3 projects right now in progress, along with about 3 I’m planning in my head.
I made the mistake last night of stopping by the yarn shop again. I picked up 2 clearance yarns, one is a ribbon like yarn that is red and orange. The other is a multicolored ribbon yarn as well. I thought it would be neat to whip up a couple fun colored scarves to wear in the fall or just have some made for the random birthday/holiday present. I’m also planning ahead to start on Christmas presents. My Aunt B has requested a red or grey colored scarf of the “Plain Jane” variety. I do have some fun redish/pinkish yarn that could make a fabulous scarf or two, but I think I might go classic for her. I’m just looking for the right pattern now.
Other than that, that is pretty much the excitement in my life. I have some family coming up this weekend, so I have a feeling that will crash my crocheting progress a bit.
A new favorite quote of mine from the Yarn Harlot’s book “just a few jalepenos short of a zippy salsa!” I love it!

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