First Pair Of Socks

Boy to I need to put some pictures up. I just keep forgetting by the time I get home that I need to do it.

Last night I worked on my Starling Bag some more, got a few more rounds done. I’m hoping that I can dedicate more time to it tonight, while doing laundry. I also started a new project! Yup, decided that 3 wasn’t enough to have going at one time. I like to bounce back and forth ya know?

I’m starting on a pair of socks. I found a crochet sock pattern online, so I thought, “What the heck?” might as well. I purchased some bamboo yarn at the String of Purls shop in a blue and white verigated. I’m going to have to go back and buy another skein because I didn’t read the pattern and I’m gonna run out of yarn. Better to have more than not enough.

I’ve managed to make it through the first 3 round of the toe. We’ll see how it progresses. If all else fails I’ll use the yarn for an exceptionall soft scarf!

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