Dogs and yarn

Well usually you hear about the cliche cat playing with someone’s ball of yarn and making a mess. Rocco isn’t a cat, and he’s not cliche. He definitely made a mess of some of my yarn last night. I was sitting at my desk watching my new found addiction, Weeds, while crocheting on my bag. Of course my ball of yarn decided to make a break for it and rolled off the desk to the floor where my lovely husky decided it’s a play thing. Yes, he was raveled up in it quite quick and looking absolutely adorable. When pets do things like that you can’t help but laugh.

Wednesday night is the Nebraska Knit and Crochet Guild’s meeting at Whole Foods, here in Omaha. I’m going tonight to socialize, borrow a couple books, and hopefully learn something new. I’ve only begun to realize how little I know about crocheting and knitting. Just the other night I learned about “Continental Knitting” which is another way to knit. It is apparently not the way I knit. I knit by “throwing.”

I’m hoping that soon I can learn how to make socks. I’ve got a couple sock patterns I wish to try out that are toe-up crocheting. I need to get some nice sock yarn first though. I stopped by Personal Threads last night and browsed their racks. I found some alpaca fingering weight that I absolutely loved. And it came in a beautiful grey. I thought of Kristin at that point too (she shares my love of grey).

Well time to get back to work. I’ve got a meeting I need to get to here shortly.

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