New Idea

Just got this brilliant idea this afternoon to create myself a crocheting blog. I think the idea spawned from me reading The Yarn Harlot lately. I love her posts about what is going on in her life planning the Sock Summit in Portland, Oregon (gosh, I hope that’s right). I think I have blog envy. I hope that mine will be that interesting to someone to read every day.

I recently got back into crocheting again after taking a long hiatus from it. I think I knitted or crocheted some scarves last winter, but that was pretty much the last time I picked up needles or hooks. Now I’ve got the crocheting bug again and can’t be stopped, well at least until my stash yarn runs out.

I joined some crocheting groups here in the Omaha, NE area recently and finally made it out to one of their meetings. I had a blast and met some neat people. I will go again this week when they have the meeting at the Whole Foods Mart on Wednesday. I can’t wait. I hear this is the ‘party’ group on Wednesdays.

The last few days I’ve been addicted to It’s a knitting and crocheting site, kind of like a community thing. It has tons of patterns, both free and paid, tons of groups you can join other crafters to share techniques, swap patterns/yarn, etc. It aslo has links to people’s stores that sell yarns, needles, hooks, basically anything you would ever need, or want, while crafting. I love it! That’s how I found the group here in Omaha. It also has a place for you to search through projects/patterns and add them to your queue. I can even organize my hooks and yarns on there! It’s everything I’ve wanted from a site and more!

Well I think I’m gonna continue this blog writing later tonight. I might even post some stuff about the projects I’m working on. I think that might be the best idea considering this IS a blog about my crochet.

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