Weekend in Review

I love doing my weekend update posts. I’m always enjoying putting photos of the neat things I did over the weekend.

Saturday morning we were greeted with a couple inches of snow! It was absolutely beautiful! This warranted taking Rocco out for a walk because he simply loves the snow.

A view down the trail. So peaceful.

A view down the trail. So peaceful.


Rocco in the one moment he was standing still.

Once we were done with the walk I spent the rest of the days indoors. I felt it was a good time to relax and finish those mittens that I have had on the needles for a few weeks.


So many ends!

The mittens were finished up and you will be seeing a post about those later this week.

This week my review class for the PE starts back up, so I am in need of some really mindless knitting to help get me through some of the review sessions online. Last year I had knit up a Noro Striped Scarf for my friend Michelle, and at the time I had bought enough yarn to make 2 of them. This yarn is Bernat Mosaic and I believe you can still get it. It has super long color stripes much like Noro, but it is 100% acrylic and washable.


My new stripey scarf!

So I thought it was time I cast on the one for me. This winter has been cold and dreary and these colors will brighten up everything around it. I just love watching the colors progress through the scarf.

We did watch the super bowl at our house, but didn’t pay too much attention. I make some queso and we had a friend or two over. We were mostly interested in the commercials, but this year I feel that all the commercials were serious, or had a serious undertone to them. Not too many funny ones.

Time to get this week started.

Until next time…


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One thought on “Weekend in Review

  1. Striping yarn is always fun. Superbowl was such a downer. It didn’t live up to its name. Yes, the commercials were mediocre. My favorites were only the little girl bargaining for a puppy and the puppy escaping to meet up with the Clydesdales.

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